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We're 'uber style' delivery startup connecting you to van drivers & cargo bike riders who'll move, transport, deliver just about anything. Easy. Convenient. And at your price!

verified drivers | delivery in 1h | pay by card


(1) Hit [register] above & save in Profile your home address & credit card info. (2) Publish [move] listing. (3) Where necessary, send us shopping reference number to hello(at) 


Best thing, you set the price for delivery: __ €

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Need to deliver grocery to your door or a family member? Bought stuff in IKEA and need it delivered? Long delays in delivery from your shop?


We connect you to local drivers in Brussels who will deliver your groceries, packages or transport bulky stuff. And the best thing - you set the price for the driver. If it's too low, drivers will be less likely to apply and you can change price anytime.



You don't pay a thing until the job is done. You can Pay by card at the end of your delivery.


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