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need to move stuff?

Local man & van transport anything, anywhere: entire house, IKEA furniture, a sofa you bought on FB Group? We'll move you locally or abroad. Best thing, - you set the price for your moving job!

Forget emails, calls & quotes - set your price!


or just dump it?

Bulky waste, furniture, construction / garden waste, garage junk? Get man & van on-demand. Pay by card.

We load, drive & queue, so you don't have to!

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user advantages

transport or deliver | anything anywhere
get someone to dump your junk
->[your price]<-
Set your price. Forget quotes!
->[your time]<-
get it done in 1h, or plan in advance
->[your way]<-
no emails. no quotes. no bidding. no calls.
pay by card when job is done
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driver advantages

[no commitment]
no obligation to accept listing. you like it - you take it!
[earn as you go]
have van, car or bike? get extra cash for helping out others
[it's yours]
somebody dumps vintage sofa - it's yours!
[you get 90%]
dwump takes 10% to run the service
[keep the tip]
happy customer gives you a tip? it's yours!
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community place

dwump is an advert board for people who need to move, transport or recycle stuff. everybody contributes to the community of reliability & trust by reviewing each other

how it works?



no time or possibility to throw away old sofa, construction waste, bottles, bulky junk? or you need to move your house or transport stuff from IKEA?


Works like Uber or AirBnB! Just tap to move or dump! (1) upload photos of your stuff, (2) provide cargo size, (3) set pick-up time & address, (4) set your own price !!! & (5) hit [publish listing]. Once you approve one of the drivers, you're set. Your credit card is only charged when job is DONE!



you'll be updated on your listing every step of the way by sms: when driver applies for your listing & when he arrives on your doorstep. no more, calls, emails or quotes. just tap to move or dump!

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