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How it works?

hit [register]

verify your email, by going to your inbox & junk for email we sent

then, head to Profile and save your home address & credit card info. All payment related info is saved & handled by stripe(dot)com

publish your move/dump job.

set your own price. this can also be €0 for [dump] listings - imagine you have an old sofa which is still in good nick. there may be someone willing to come and take it. recycle with dwump, and we won't chanrge anything extra

hit [publish listing]

sit back & wait for drivers to apply for your listing

if one or more drivers apply, choose the one you like by looking up his profile and vehicle info, and hit [choose this driver]. your chosen driver will be on his way to your pick-up address at your given time


we'll inform you every step of the way by sms & email about the status of your listing: e.g. when driver applied for your listing, or arrives at your pick-up/drop-off points. and you can always contact your driver directly on mobile


when your listing is complete, tap [listing is done] & provide rating of your experience


move & dump made easy with dwump

User assistance

dwump will inform you every step of the way by sms & email about your listing


you can call or text your driver directly at any time, in case there's a need to change hour of pick-up/drop-off, or if driver is late


if you require additional help with your listing drop us a line: info@dwump.com


* please note, dwump is a listing publishing board. the agreements you enter, is between your chosen driver and you. dwump will not be responsible in any way if anything goes wrong with your listing. we are here to assist and facilitate with communiation, payments and management of the dwump listings board


we're here to help you with organising your moving & throwing needs

Driver assistance

dwump will send you sms & email about:


* new [dump] or [move] listing near you, - just click on the link provided to look up the listing. if price, distance and time suits you,  tap [apply to do it]


* when user approves you to take the listing


* cancellation of listing from customer

you can call or text your customer directly at any time, in case there's a need to change hour of pick-up/drop-off or any other problems


if you need additional help with your listing drop us a line: info@dwump.com


anybody can move & dump. dwump

Dump offers

by [dump] we mean any personal household stuff you want to throw away or [recycle]


note: it is forbidden to publish listings that include hazardous, toxic, dangerous goods, including household kitchen waste. for full list of items that are prohibited from publishing on [listings board], please see terms & conditions



one man's trash - is another man's treasure


if you believe your sofa, table, stuff in your garage, or even odd pieces of metal or wood still have some value, publish your listing & set [your price] to €0.

if someone finds it interesting, they will apply to you to collect your items - neither you nor driver will be charged anything for this listing


dump your junk on dwump

Move offers

by [move] we mean any personal household items you want to move, transport or deliver


it can be as small as a letter or bunch of flowers, a few boxes, or even entire house


plan your move in advance or get it transported now, by setting your own time!


found yourself in ikea & want to transport a wardrobe now? no problem, publish a listing and a willing driver might be just near you, who will charge less than a taxi


your move is done on dwump

Adding offer

simple. fill out [dump] or [move] form with name of your listing, approx. dimensions of your items, 2 pics and set your own time price!


note: if your price is too low, drivers will be less likely to accept your listing. but hey, you can change your price at any time by tapping [edit] in your published listing


tap to move or dump

no emails. no quotes. no hassle. no calls. dwump


easy. pay by credit card. head to Profile, save the payment method & publish your next job. If you feel like giving a tip to driver in cash, that's great.


the moment of payment is when everyone's happy! after driver loads your cargo, he will press [job done] button, that will send you an SMS to prompt you to press [listing done] button. Hit that, and this is when your money is wired.


credit card details you provide in [user profile] are safe & secure. we work with one of the best companies in the world to process payments - stripe(dot)com they keep all your data & payments encrypted


think dwump, next time you need to move or dump


there's a bunch of things that you can or cannot do. for full list please read terms & conditions


note: by using any part of dwump, you agree to those terms & conditions


in general, no listings are allowed that have content related to dangerous, explicit or fake nature


we monitor publishing of all listings. if we spot something odd or prohibited, your listing or user account will be suspended or deleted without notice


move it. dwump


sense of community is dwump's top value we stand for 


what goes around, comes around. we try to help you with publishing your [dump] or [move] needs and people just like you want to help by delivering these. be nice and niceness will be around you


you & I, and all we do together matter:

if you have an idea or want to work with dwump, dump us a line (;



community of dwumpsters=users & dwumpers=drivers




Service area

if you have a question or need help with your listing, drop us a line info@dwump.com


we'll try to get back to you asap


helping you to dump or move your stuff

move dump
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