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'rubbish service'

Made in Belgium

Brussels waste collection service, rubbish pickup, household, garden, construction, bulky furniture, trash, recycle, container park ride

What you get is an 'uber-style' bulky waste collection service for household stuff. Dump anything, anytime. Don't wait for municipal collections. Local drivers take your junk, seriously!

How to get it? Set your time, budget & hit [dump]. We'll connect you with professional drivers. Get SMS update every step of the way. When done, Pay by Card.



We'll recycle the good, trash the bad & remove your headache.


(1) Hit [register] above. (2) Complete your profile with home address & credit card. (3) hit [dump] & set your price: ___ €

how it works?



Need a budget removal service to dump any junk in your home, basement, garage, shed?


We connect you with local van drivers: (1) publish [dump] job (2) set pickup time & address & your own price (3) confirm driver 4) when job is done, pay by card



Your Price. Your Time. Pay when done. Items in reusable condition are first brought to charity shops. The rest is sorted by hand at entry point of container park. No more hassle of calls, emails or quotes. Just tap to [dump]


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