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You donate. dwump collects. NASCI gives.

NASCI is a charity offering direct help to over 400 poorest families in Brussels. Now you can declutter & donate your stuff and we'll deliver it for €10 to NASCI

Stroller | Pram | Buggy

Bikes | Toys

Nappies | Soap | Shampoo

Mother & Kid Clothes

declutter your home & help others in need

(1) Hit [REGISTER] above. (2) Complete your profile with home address & credit card. (3) Hit [MOVE] & set: your pick-up address / NASCI drop-off address below & price 10 €

how it works?



Some don't have, whilst others have too much.

Things Nasci needs:

toys: age 0-10 hygienic kits: shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste, toothbrush, diapers, baby cream, lotion, bottles, detergent accessories: mother handbags, clothes children’s clothes: pyjama, undies, newborn bedding: blankets, sheets, towels other: strollers


You donate. dwump collects. Nasci gives.

publish [move] listing with your pickup address, Nasci drop-off address: d'Anethanstraat 4, Bxl, choose date & time of pickup and set your price to €10. A driver will apply to your job, you confirm the driver, and when we drop-off to NASCI you'll receive SMS that your stuff was delivered. It is only now that you press [listing done] and your payment is taken.



Thanks. You've just made a gift to those who really need it.


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