'Uber style' ManVan moving company

New transport service in Brussels




Move anywhere: locally or abroad. Transport anything: one sofa or entire house. Convenient moving company with local drivers near you. Set your price, get instant SMS reply & Pay by Card when move is done

We're not a traditional moving company, with middle men, admin & running costs. We connect you directly with the existing professional movers for the best price & convenience, without the hassle of writing emails for quotes!

You decide how much you wanna pay: ____ €

how it works?



Need a cheap house moving company & you're happy doing packing yourself whilst 2 men load & drive? Want to transport a few pieces of furniture or deliver your IKEA shopping?


We're an 'uber-style' company for moving your house, or transport a few bulky items. Local drivers with van will come to help you load, transport and unload your stuff. You can also get rid of any bulky household stuff by clicking [dump]



You'll be updated on your [move] every step of the way by SMS: when driver applies for your job, when he arrives on your doorstep & at drop-off adddress. No more, calls, emails or quotes. Just tap to move!


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