dump sofa.

trash furniture.

man & van recycle.

dump, throw, trash, get rid of, on-demand, service, Belgium, container park, bulky waste, sofa disposal

waste collection

Made in Brussels

Easy on-demand waste collection service in Belgium. Cheap, because we don't do quotes - you set your price! If the price matches with a free driver, it'll be gone in minutes. Convenient - because you don't have to wait for municipality collections.

Recycle promise: first we'll take your furniture to Kringwinkel, Les Petits Riens, Oxfam. The rest we bring to the proper sorting facility and provide you with a picture, if needed.

You decide about the price, €

how it works?



Need a budget removal service to dump any junk in your home, basement, garage, shed?


We connect you with local van drivers: (1) publish [dump] job (2) set pickup time & address & your own price (3) confirm driver 4) when job is done, pay by card



Your Price. Your Time. Pay when done. Items fit for resell are brought to charity-shops. No more hassle of calls, emails or quotes. Just tap to [dump]


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