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let's clean up Brussels' streets off bulky waste on #WorldCleanupDay 15 Sep

walking around Brussels & see bulky waste dumped on the street? Take a photo & send us an email --> info@dwump.com <-- with the address & we'll pick it up. Let's clean the streets of Brussels together. #sluikstorten #tousensemble #worldcleanupday #belgium

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many Brussels communes can't cope with illegal dumping of bulky waste. Whether for social or economic reasons, it is a problem worth addressing!


on 15th September, when you walk around Brussels and spot mattress, sofa or any bulky waste on the street - take a picture and send an email to us info@dwump.com together with the address of where the item is located. ***for better planning our work, please [create account] on dwump & publish [dump] listing, setting the price to €0



once we receive the information, we'll try our best to clear your street asap!


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